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Hey, hey! I'm so glad you're here with me. This is where I hope that you will find encouragement and inspiration to live the best life that God has in store for you. The best is definitely yet to come!

So, this blog is going to be a place for stories, uplifting moments and ramblings that I pray you find interesting enough to keep coming back and even sharing with a friend or two! One thing I promise to be is transparent. I want us to be able to share the things that make us

smile, cry and say what the heck was I thinking because that's how we will get through this thing called life. Its our experiences that make us who we are and its my joy to share my life with you here.

I want to hear from you too, so comment your thoughts and tell me how I can pray for you, laugh with you and help you through your life's moments. This is your space too! I want you to feel welcome!

So, enjoy reading and be inspired!

Love ya!

Tiffany J

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 your house is a home

I am so glad that you came to shop with me. I am committed to bringing you the very best products that are hand crafted, unique and cruelty free. Everything on the site are curated by me and I love finding new treasures every day. So, come by often, you may see something new you want for your home!

xoxo Tiffany Jeffers


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